The resort is ideal for families and everybody who wants to relax.

At the territory of the resort you can play football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis and table soccer.

Cycling: In the resort there are bycicles for free use, so you can take wonderful bycicle trips: e.g. alongside the dam of river Tisza or use the 15 kilometers cycling route of the city.

River Tisza: Taking place 400 meters from the resort, where you can walk on the banks, swim, and in winter you can sledge on the dam wall.

The backwaters of the Tisza: There are fishing possibilites, ice skating in winter.

Thermal Baths: There are some thermal baths in the nearby: one of them is only 400 meters from the resort and it is open every season.

Tiszakürt Arboretum: The arboretum shows the tipical plants of the region. It is only 20 kilometers from Tiszakécske. More information at:

Sightseeing tourist train: Tiszakécske has a tourist train, which shows the main sights of the city.

Fishing and hunting: For the details: